Soccer Camps!

Summer Camp 2020 Registration is open! But first...

New York State has given the green light for outdoor summer camps starting July 6th.

We have developed a Covid-19 guideline and are prepare to begin our summer camp program!

Futbol Rebels Soccer Camps are designed to help develop each player's skills, technique and creativity while playing in a fun and non-competitive environment.
Our camps are for boys & girls ages 4-12.
Read more details about our camps by clicking on the links below:
Update: Read our COVID-19 Summer Camp Guidelines:


  • Camp schedule:

    • 9am-12pm

    • Drop off starting 8:30am

    • Drop off the rest of the week with coach in charge of your camper.

    • Dismissal will be done by coach in charge of your camper’s group.

  • Temperature checks:

    • Temperature checks will be done daily on staff and children upon arrival using a contactless thermometer.

    • If any camper has a temperature of 100.0 or above at arrival will not be able to join camp that day.

    • Staff will have to be tested for COVID-19 prior to joining our camp

    • If any staff member is not feeling well or has a temperature of 100.0 or over, they will be sent home or asked to stay home. They must get COVID-19 tested and be cleared before returning to camp

  • No/low contact:

    • Friendly waves during arrival and dismissal.

    • Kids must bring mask to camp and wear them during activities where they are not able to keep six feet apart (scrimmages and other group games)

    • During activities where they are focusing on individual skills and the coaches have them spread apart six feet or more, campers may remove masks.

    • No high fives or other contact will be encouraged during camp.

    • Campers will not be asked to help pick up equipment.

    • Campers will have snack and water breaks in their own space six feet apart and will be able to take their masks off during those times as well.

    • Coaches will remind them when they must wear a mask and when they may take them off.

    • Coaches will be wearing masks during camp with the exemption if they are able to keep more than 6 feet apart during certain games.

    • Scrimmages will only happen within their own groups and will not mix with other kids from different groups like we had done in the past towards the end of the day.

  • Reduced group size:

    • Small group sizes of 10 campers per coach.

    • Kids will remain in their groups for the entire week and not mix with other groups to minimize contact.

    • Same coach will stay with the group for entire week to minimize contact.

  • Disinfecting:

    • All equipment will be disinfected daily.

    • We will have wipes and hand sanitizer available every day for campers to use during the day.

  • Snacks/ Water bottles:

    • Campers will bring own snacks and water bottles. They will not be allowed to share with anyone

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.