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In this program we provide kids with the “travel team” experience without the travel component. Players who sign up have the opportunity to practice once or twice a week with their team and play games in our small sided intramural soccer league in the weekend.

This is an 11 week long season where players are evaluated and place players into 4 even teams by our coaches.


Developmental League

All practices and games are in Dumbo.


Choose between 1-3 times a week sessions. The price per session goes down when you choose more than once a week practice.


  • Once a week options ($35 per session)

  • Twice a week option ($25 per session)

  • Twice a week plus games in our intramural league ($22 per session)


Check out the full schedule below

Rebels Academy

Spring Season - April through June

Susan Smith McKinney Steward Park in Dumbo

Benefits Of 3V3 Small Sided Games

  • More Goals!

  • More attacking opportunities

  • More defending opportunities

  • More time with the ball

  • Less players on the field

  • Extremely fun!

  • Enhanced teamwork

  • Enhanced communication

  • Promotes creative thinking

  • More playing time

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