Skills Clinics

We offer Skills Clinics for boys & girls ages 3-11 during various days, times and at two different locations. 
Our Clinics aim to help players:
     - Build Technique To Master The Ball
     - Grow Knowledge Of The Game
     - Improve Motor Skills
     - Build Confidence And More!
Each week we will work on a different topic of the game such as, passing, dribbling, fakes & feints, shooting, etc.

Have Fun

Our coaches make each session fun and enjoyable for everyone regardless of their skill level.


Each week players will learn and work on new skills to help them master the ball.

Develop Skills

Our skills clinics are not about winning games every weekend, it is designed to help develop each player in our program.

Make Friends!

Players will not only learn new skills and improve their knowledge of the game, but they will also make new friends!

Spring 2020 Skills Clinics



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